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    December 31, 2025

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The Madigan Birthing Center (Labor & Delivery Unit) provides a comprehensive Patient and Family Centered birth experience for normal to high risk patients. The Birthing Center specializes in the delivery of quality care that encompasses the physical, psychological and social adaptations of the family. The unit has
17 adult beds and 9 bassinets, and consists of 9 birthing suites,
2 private antepartum rooms and a 6-bed (individual rooms) Triage unit.

The Birthing Center provides the following services:
-Antepartum Care: obstetric, medical and surgical complications
during pregnancy
-Labor/Delivery/Recovery: Vaginal and Cesarean Birth
-High Risk Care
-Pain Management in Labor: Full anesthesia support 24/7 and
hydrotherapy tub
-Normal Newborn Care
-Bereavement Care and Support

The Triage Unit offers the following services:
-Antepartum care: obstetric/medical/surgical concern during
pregnancy at less than 20 weeks gestation
-Acute illness after normal clinic hours greater than 20 weeks gestation
-Scheduled procedures prior birth such as amniocentesis, version (turning the baby from a breech position) or special lab testing
-Non-stress testing, prolonged monitoring
-Referrals from the Department. of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OG/BYN) or Family Medicine Clinic
-Complications in the postpartum/postoperative period

The Birth Center provides personal tours upon request and can be contacted after duty hours at 253-968-1540 for questions/concerns related to pregnancy and childbirth.

The Birth Center is an active participant with Bloodworks NW in the Cord Blood Donation Program. This program facilitates
the donation of cord blood that remains in the placenta after the baby is born and would normally be discarded as medical waste. As a result of the generosity of our families in donating their cord blood, we have hundreds of units of stem cells banked awaiting a donor match. Madigan has had 17 successful transplants(of cord blood we collected) for patients suffering
from Leukemia.

The Birthing Center also has a well-established bereavement program for our families who have experienced a loss.

The Birth Center strongly supports breastfeeding and immediate skin-to-skin bonding.

The doctors, midwives and nurses consider it an honor and privilege to support the active duty members, retirees and their family members in their birth experience.

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Madigan Army Medical Center, Bldg 9040 Jackson Ave, 98431-110 Tacoma

Madigan Birthing Center - Patient Forum

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